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Empowerment Membership Programme

Enlightenment Is For Foolish Buddhas Who Can Sing Dance and Meditate

Empowerment Through Vedic Technology and Esoterism


I am Arun, a Software Engineer who mostly walks with PHP and other backend technologies. I am an open-source contributor as well.

My stackOverflow url:https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/4183485

Founder of :https://eduladder.com/

I was born into a Vedic astrology family in Kerala. I am a Tantric by birth in a family which is passing Tantric wisdom from generation to generation for the past 2000 years of legacy.

I have traveled extensively across India and was fortunate enough to meet and live with a lot of masters from different disciplines, including Matha Chaithanyamai on Narayanagurukula and Sahadev.

My spiritual therapy and teachings are mainly based on Vedas and astrology. I can help you achieve your fullest potential with the help of Vedic astrology, Crowley tarot, Yoga, Massage, and Rudraksha (the Tantrik path) .


Aruns Yoga Empowerment Programme

Is Designed To Help Individuals To Build Skills That They Need To Succeed In Life

This program brings inspiration, motivation, and knowledge to a diverse community of practitioners seeking to live an authentic, satisfying and happier life. From exclusive yoga programs, meditations to nuanced conversations about how to integrate the values into our modern lives, Aruns Yoga program helps you to embrace a fully nourished life, both on and off the mat.

Who Is This Programme For?

If you are any of the following (or want to be!) this course is for you:

Self driven and motivated students

Parents who want to see their children excel

Spiritual seekers

Business leaders



Business executives

As A Member, You Will Get Unlimited Access To

  • Get Free Vedic Chart Reading during the time of membership. Also, Chat with community members, including programmers, students, artists, philosophers, mystics, astrologers, tantriks, shamans and therapists

  • Get latest updates in your Inbox every day, including videos, audios, photos, podcasts and much more, related to vedic technologies, intuitive thoughts, esoterism and software recommendations for safe internetting

  • Monthly meditation gatherings (Kundalini Meditation Level 1) along with our networking community of entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, thinkers, visionaries

  • Receive exclusive offers and rewards for all our products

  • Exclusive discounts on other products in our store

  • Updates on making money online

  • Yoga videos

  • Job alerts

  • Crypto currency updates

  • Exclusive yoga program

  • Access to our global community

  • Multi-lingual support

  • It's time to stop thinking and take action. Get your own experts for

    Mind, Body and Soul

    Let's Get Started

    Our Content Is Focused On 

    In this programme I will help you by providing the necessary information in the form of written, video and audio formats at affordable prices through a multilingual technological platform, which is available in approximately 160 languages across the globe


    Open up to rapidly learn new skills and behaviors in response to changing circumstances


    Accurate tips to boost your communication skills to building trust, create better relationships, increase engagement, and Improves productivity

    Creative Thinking

    Master the art of creative thinking, enlighten your potentials to see a problem or issue from a new angle or perspective. This often allows you find a new solution, or even to see that the problem does not necessarily need a solution


    Being dependable ensure that you are faithful and reliable. And emphasis on that, with remarkable self-development tools and tricks to be dependable


    With our problem-solving content you will gradually become efficient enough to handle difficult or unexpected situations in any walk of life

    Work Ethics

    With our tips to improve your Focus and Persistence you can develop strong work ethics. You will develop the ability to stay focused on tasks for as long as necessary to get them done


    With the easy-to-follow tactics of being collaborative you will emerge as a better team player

    Time management

    With positive attitude and self-discipline life style you will be able to manage time better and prioritize all your work tasks and achieve your goals faster


    Motivational podcast, articles at your fingertip to keep yourself focused and confident

    Critical Thinking

    Our content also helps you to enhanced your ability to analysis objective and evaluation of an issue, so that better judgement can be prevail


    By enlighten the inner potentials, you will be in position to absorb and spread positivity. Your thinking, body language, working habits all will attract positivity

    Conflict Resolution

    Empowered you to help yourself and others find a peaceful solution to a disagreement


    You will achieve the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning

    And many more!

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    Silver Subscription

    (Six Months)

    RS. 5000

    RS. 3000

    You Save 40%

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    Gold Subscription

    (One Year)

    RS. 10000

    RS. 5000

    You Save 50%

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    Listen to the Expert interviews in Vedic Reading Series, Tarot Reading Series and many more podcasts to stay motivated and discover more about tantra, Vedas, and astrology.

    Want To Know About New Age Tantra Series?

    Read the Book - Cosmic Engineering And Orgasmic Continuum By Arun Webber

    Who this book is for?

    This book is for those who are curious about Tantra, Astrology, Self Healing and the Deep Nature of Orgasm. A handbook for those who pursue Tantric realization and planetary recreation as a mission or a profession

    Buy Online

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Membership Program

    1. Is There Any Kind Of Certification Given?

    Answer: This is not a certification programme, but is instead focused on individual development

    2. How Will I Get Notified?

    Answer: We send out an email whenever a new post is updated

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